offers over 200 lab quality mushroom strains, agar plates, slants, growing media and more since 2005.

Our clear, clean, live mushrooms liquid cultures set us above the competition...see the fungi, not the honey! We have been in business since 2005 and always provide the highest quality products and customer service. We also sell via our Etsy Shop and eBay Store and take pride in our customer feedback.  Our products are produced in a clean room in front of several Laminar flow hoods and our staff always wears full PPE when filling our client's orders.  Although no mycology company can claim to have a 0% contamination rate, we come pretty close and take pride in that.   This is a gourmet mushroom site only and does NOT sell spores or any product containing psilocybin or any other controlled substance. For spore realted products please see this off site link.